Anna Has Earned the Support of Many Community Leaders


Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget McCormack

Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack

“People interact with our District Courts far more than any other part of government, and usually because something is not going well. When our District Court judges are engaged in their communities, they can have a tremendous impact on the health of those communities and the people who inhabit them.”

“Anna Frushour will be an enormous asset to our community and our state’s judiciary. Her experience working in the District Courts every day has given her the very best view of how courts can make a real difference in people’s lives. Anna’s integrity, work ethic, perspective, and experience are unique among judicial candidates. I’m delighted she is willing to serve and, as a resident of Washtenaw County and the Chief Justice, I will be very proud to call her my colleague.

Washtenaw County Chief Judge Carol Kuhnke

Washtenaw County Circuit Court Chief Judge Carol Kuhnke

Judge Richard Conlin

14A District Court Chief Judge Richard Conlin

Joseph Burke

15th District Court Chief Judge Joseph Burke

Judge Nancy Wheeler

Judge Nancy Wheeler (retired)

Other Elected Officials

Jerry Clayton

“As the Sheriff for the past eleven years, I have strived to lead the Sheriff’s Office in a manner that contributes to the building of strong and sustainable communities by creating public safety and contributing to county systems that support those in need. This includes our criminal justice system. Now is the time for forward-thinking solutions to decades-long challenges. I believe in a criminal justice system that supports individuals with mental health and/or substance misuse disorder, not a system that unnecessarily places them in jail. My vision for the future of the Washtenaw County Criminal Justice System includes partners that share my commitment to the values of justice and equity. That is why I am supporting Anna Frushour for District Court Judge.

Jerry Clayton
Washtenaw County Sheriff

Patricia Scribner

Patricia Tupacz Scribner
Pittsfield Township Treasurer

Felicia Brabec

Felicia Brabec
Washtenaw County Commissioner

Evan Pratt, Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner

Evan Pratt
Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner

Andy LaBarre

Andy LaBarre
Washtenaw County Commissioner

Michele Anzaldi

Michelle Anzaldi
Pittsfield Township Clerk

Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan
Washtenaw County Commissioner

Rena Basch

Rena Basch
Ann Arbor Charter Township Clerk

Katie Scott

Katie Scott
Washtenaw County Commissioner

Leigh Greden

Leigh Greden
Former Ann Arbor City Councilmember

Annie Somerville

Annie Somerville
Ypsilanti City Councilmember, Ward 3

Kelly Tebay

Kelly Tebay
MSU Trustee

Paul Cousins

Paul Cousins
Dexter City Councilmember

Shannon Beeman

Shannon Beeman
Washtenaw County Commissioner

Jessica Flintoft, Scio Township Clerk

Jessica Flintoft
Scio Township Clerk

Adam Zemke, State Representative

Adam Zemke
Former State Representative

Kristen Judge

Kristen Judge
Former Washtenaw County Commissioner

Leah Gunn

Leah Gunn
Former Washtenaw County Commissioner

Margie Teall

Margie Teall
Former Ann Arbor City Councilmember

Joan Lowenstein

Joan Lowenstein
Former Ann Arbor City Councilmember

Alicia Ping

Alicia Ping
Former Washtenaw County Commissioner

Community Leaders

Jim Toy

I am extremely proud to endorse an incredible ally of the LGBTQ community, Anna Frushour, for 14A District Court Judge. As a public defender, Anna has demonstrated a strong commitment to the ideals of fairness, equal rights and justice for all. She is an advocate for a more progressive & compassionate court system which values rehabilitation & treatment. As our next judge, Anna will ensure that our district court is fair and equitable for all Washtenaw County residents.”

Jim Toy
LGBTQ Activist and Leader, Founder of the Jim Toy Community Center

  • Jessica “Decky” Alexander
  • David Blanchard
  • John Bredell
  • Ronald Q. Brown
  • Vincent Cavataio
  • Lauren Coffman
  • Thomas Daniels
  • Cathie Dries
  • Jim Dries
  • Lynn D’Orio
  • Robert Dawid
  • Chad Engelhardt
  • Jennifer Engelhardt
  • Andy Fanta
  • Ellis Freatman
  • Linda French
  • Rosemary Frenza
  • Dan Geherin
  • Lisa Geherin
  • Caroline Giordano
  • Shannon Gonyou
  • Travis Gonyou
  • John Greden
  • Renee Greden
  • Joe Hall
  • Jinan Hamood
  • Ben Harrington
  • Alex Hermanowski
  • Elizabeth Janovic
  • Erica Julien
  • Mara Kent
  • Tom Kent
  • Elizabeth Kitchen-Troop
  • John Kline
  • Mary Larkin
  • Barry LaRue
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Kym London
  • Nik Lulgjuraj
  • Allison Lynch
  • Nicole Mackmiller
  • Lawrence Margolis
  • Brian Montoye
  • Megan Crosbie Mazurek
  • Douglas McClure
  • Desmond Miller
  • Randy Musbach
  • David Nacht
  • Tom O’Brien
  • Brad O’Furey
  • Lana Panagoulia
  • Jonathan Paul
  • Tom Piotrowski
  • Kirk Profit
  • Travis Radina
  • Steve Reed
  • Patricia Reiser
  • Oscar Rodriquez
  • Lillian Saba
  • David Shand
  • Katherine Sharkey
  • John Shea
  • Edmund Sikorski
  • Joe Simon
  • Leslie Sobel
  • Ryan Sweeney
  • Alex Thomas
  • Jim Toy
  • Marianne Udow-Phillips
  • Tracy Van den Bergh
  • John Vincent
  • Michael Vincent
  • Angela Walker
  • Bill Worzel
  • Lisa Wozniak
  • Olga Yermalenka